About HomePlan

11HomePlan is a small private organization founded in 1997. Together with local partners we build houses for the poorest people in developing countries. A house not only gives them protection but it gives them a new home and most important a sense of selfesteem. After the construction our local partner will continue with support in education, medical treatment and community development. We believe that a house is a first step towards a better future.

HomePlan realizes the “House, Home, Future” approach in Mexico, Nicaragua, Haïti and South Africa. This is only possible thanks to the growing number of volunteers and donors. We give volunteers the opportunity to visit our projects and to join the construction and build a house for a poor family by themselves. Each year groups of volunteers participate in our projects in Mexico and South Africa. At the end of 2013 a pilot building trip to Nicaragua will be organized. It’s a unique and once in a lifetime experience.

“House, Home, and Future”, these three words symbolize the approach of HomePlan. We work efficient and transparent according to our own guidelines and the criteria of the Dutch charity benchmark.  With help of our local partners we have access to the poorest of the poorest people who desperately need our help. Before the construction we collect all kind of information about the beneficiaries and community such as education, water supply, medical aid, construction requirements and land ownership . Once an application is approved, we start fundraising and encourage companies, donors and institutions to co-finance the construction.

Besides our close contact with our local partners, HomePlan has its own project co-ordinator in the field to supervise the construction and the follow up activities afterwards. This enables us to adapt quickly to local conditions and the needs of the beneficiaries.

The house provides families a sustainable home and gives children a save place to grow up. This house is the first step to change their lives and gives them hope for a better future.

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